“I was back running 5km … 3 times per week”

I was diagnosed at the end of April 2016. When talking with Dr Bedard (Head of Thoracic @ The Royal Alexander Hospital in Edmonton) he stated that if we went with the chemo, radiation, and the surgery that we could be looking at a cure, not just remission. We jumped at it and did our chemo and radiation in July @ the Cross Cancer Institute and then followed with the surgery in Sep.(removed 9 inches of the esophagus and the top portion of the stomach). I was back running 5km … 3 times per week on Jan 1, 2017. I lost about 40 lbs initially (195 to 155) but have gained back about 15 lbs and feel great. My plan is to run on Sep 17, 2017 Terry Fox Run in Grande Prairie.

David Trydal

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Cancer Survivor - David Trydal