93 years young – going for a million!

When Terry told his parents that he wanted to run across Canada to raise $1,000,000 they thought it was a crazy idea. Now imagine it’s a 93 year old navy vet in Barrie Ontario with that same amazing fundraising goal (minus the running cross-country!).

Will Dwyer participated in his first Terry Fox Run in 1981 and has never missed a Run since. He is the ultimate door-to-door canvasser, knocking on more than 1,200 doors a year with a trusty pledge sheet and pen in hand. Many of his donors are repeat givers, always prepared with their cash or cheque and an encouraging word.

This year Will took a look at his fundraising total ($777,000 wow!) and, knowing that he usually raises over $40,000 a year, thought “Why not push for the same goal as Terry?” Why not indeed. Will’s story took off thanks to social media and soon media and donors came calling to know more about the story. With monies to come we don’t know what the final tally will be but we know it will be extraordinary. Terry taught us to dream big and Will Dwyer has taken this to heart. Way to go Will!

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