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Become a Monthly Donor today

Your support keeps Terry’s vision alive in the hearts and minds of the bright and talented researchers, and scientists who work under his name in hospitals, cancer labs, clinics, and academic facilities across our country. Every day.

Did you know that monthly donations are the most effective way to contribute to Terry’s legacy and cancer research? Monthly giving actually has tremendous benefits.

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Benefits of Monthly Giving

  • It is affordable. For instance, even a gift of $10 per month adds up to $120 per year, and that makes a big difference.

  • It is easy. You choose the amount you want to give, each month, and it will be debited from your bank account or charged to your credit card. At the end of the year you will receive a single tax receipt for the total amount you have given.

  • Monthly donations provide reliable revenue. With monthly donations, we are able to anticipate our annual revenue, which helps us plan our investment in world-class research. For example, this year, terrible weather hit three provinces on Run Day and participation was low, as a result, we anticipate that we will have less money from these runs to invest in research this year. This is heartbreaking. Monthly donations guard against this kind of unpredictability

Become a Monthly Donor today

Cost Effective

The costs associated with monthly donations are much smaller since they are less labour intensive than other types of donations.

Greater Impact

You can have a greater impact, over a longer period of time, with lower initial investment, and greater convenience – a win win!

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