School Merchandise


Simply hit the submit button above after you have filled in all the applicable fields.  Or you can call us directly at 1 888 836-9786 and we’ll complete the order for you. Please do not order merchandise directly from our online store  as we are not able to add the online sale revenue to your school’s total fundraising amount.

No, all prices are firm as listed, regardless of the amount ordered.

Yes, the full amount of your merchandise sales is added to your school’s total fundraising amount.

75% of the price of every item sold benefits cancer research.

All school merchandise orders are non-returnable and you must pay for every item ordered. The sizing dimensions are listed on the front of this form in each size column to help you order the correct size.

We want you to have your merchandise as quickly as possible. Please place your order ASAP if you are in a rush and we will work hard to ensure your order is sent out quickly.

All items are sent out by Purolator. Small orders are generally sent out the same day and larger orders are sent out from our local distribution centre within a few days.

No, we do not charge for shipping or add any tax. We do however ask that you try to consolidate multiple orders so that we can save on our shipping costs.

You will be invoiced by mail for your merchandise. Payment for the merchandise can be sent to us in a combined school cheque of donations and merchandise payment, or in separate cheques. Credit cards are also accepted by telephone.