Meet David – Star Wars Fan, Cancer Survivor

When I was three, the doctor told my mom I had cancer. It was in my kidney and super duper big. It was scary and we had to go to the hospital all the time. My favourite nurses were Pam and Jean. They were always really nice and played games with me. There was a clown named Molly too. She played jokes and let me use her noise maker! I had to do a lot of chemo and then I had a big surgery. On my last day of chemo I got to ring the bell and have a chocolate cake! The bell tells everyone you’re all done. That made everyone really happy – especially my mom. Today I am 7 years old and in Grade 2. My favourite part about school is math and speaking French. While I can’t play some sports like hockey, that’s okay because I like running and horseback riding better anyway. I’m the only kid in my class to have had cancer. I love animals and share my home with two cats named Cypress and Seymour, one fish, one dog and a horse named Jake! My mom says thanks to all the money raised for cancer research I’m doing great. I told her that if I had a genie with one wish, I would wish for all cancer to be gone. Thank you so much for fundraising for cancer research and helping kids like me. I think Terry Fox would be very proud of everything you do to make the world a better place.

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