Terry’s Legacy

In witnessing the suffering of cancer patients, Terry Fox recognized the importance of cancer research in fueling progress and hope. Determined to take himself to the limit for his cause he set out on an improbable journey. Along the way, Terry shattered assumptions of human endurance and set a new standard for human compassion. Not content to settle for what was, Terry Fox reached for what could be. His message “one person can make a difference” empowered the millions who were witness to his journey, and continues to inspire people around the world. Today’s cancer survivors have benefitted by three decades of Terry Fox funded progress in cancer research. Your legacy gift will ensure that future generations continue to lead happy and healthy lives. Your generosity will give hope to people facing a cancer diagnosis in the future – truly, there is no greater gift.

Think of us in your will

Leaving a legacy gift in your will brings meaning, dignity and purpose to a life well-lived. This gift can continue to make an important difference in your community and it can also significantly reduce your tax burden or the tax burden left to your loved ones. We invite you to leave a legacy gift to The Foundation secure in the knowledge that your family and friends will benefit from our commitment to driving cancer research forward.

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We left a bequest to The Terry Fox Foundation because the organization has stayed true to its roots, committed to using funds in the right way. Terry wanted cancer to be beaten; we want to contribute to changing the lives of generations to come. Leaving a gift in my will to the Foundation was the easiest way to support my favourite charity while still taking care of my family.

Carol and Max Baker