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Terry’s Legacy Circle

In witnessing the suffering of fellow cancer patients, my brother Terry experienced the importance of cancer research in fueling progress and hope. Determined to take himself to the limit for his cause he set out on an improbable journey. Along the way, Terry shattered assumptions of human endurance and set a new standard for human compassion.  His legacy is one of hope and courage; he proved that one person really can make a difference. Because of his Marathon of Hope, cancer survivors have benefitted from three decades of progress in cancer research. What will your legacy be? I invite you to make Terry’s legacy part of yours by leaving a bequest to The Terry Fox Foundation in your will. You are truly an integral part of achieving Terry’s mission. Your generosity is the gift that will finally beat cancer.

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Think of us in your will

Leaving a legacy gift in your will brings meaning, dignity and purpose to a life well-lived. This gift can continue to make an important difference in your community and it can also significantly reduce your tax burden or the tax burden left to your loved ones. We invite you to leave a legacy gift to The Foundation secure in the knowledge that your family and friends will benefit from our commitment to driving cancer research forward. Click here to view/download our Legacy Giving brochure or you can click the Learn More button to reach out to our helpful team.

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We left a bequest to The Terry Fox Foundation because the organization has stayed true to its roots, committed to using funds in the right way. Terry wanted cancer to be beaten; we want to contribute to changing the lives of generations to come. Leaving a gift in my will to the Foundation was the easiest way to support my favourite charity while still taking care of my family.

Carol and Max Baker

Help with Legacy Giving

Bequests                                                                      Gifts of publicly traded securities
– To our Endowment                                                    Charitable remainder trusts
– Directed gifts                                                             Gifts of residual interests
– Gifts to our General Research Fund                         Gifts of real estate

Legal Name: The Terry Fox Foundation
Charitable Number: 10809 9979 RR0001
Address: 150-8960 University High Street, Burnaby, BC V5A 4Y6

Sample bequest language
1. Gift of a Sum of Money
“To pay to The Terry Foundation, the sum of $ _.”
2. Gift of a Particular Asset – such as real estate, stocks, bonds, or art.
“To transfer to the Terry Fox Foundation [description of property].”
3. Gift of a Portion of the Estate
“To divide the residue of my estate into equal shares, and to pay or transfer [#] of such equal shares to The Terry Fox Foundation.”
4. Gift of All of the Estate (or remainder after specific bequests)
“To pay or transfer the residue of my estate to the TFF.” •
Any questions please contact Judith Fox at 604-239-8576 or Judith.fox@terryfox.org

Terry Fox Research Institute (the research arm of The Terry Fox Foundation)
Discovery Programs
– These programs bring together leading researchers with complementary skills, to investigate different aspects of a given area of cancer research. By bringing individual research projects together under one Program Project Grant, results can be realized more rapidly and more efficiently.
Translational Programs
– A major focus of the Terry Fox Research Institute is translational research. Translation is often defined as research which moves discoveries made in the clinic to the laboratory and on to the bedside. This area of research holds great promise today for providing improved care and outcomes for cancer patients everywhere. •
Building Capacity
– New Investigators
The New Investigators program provides research operating grant support to future leaders as they develop their independent careers in cancer research.
The success of any nation is often reflected in the achievements of its future generation. Promising new cancer researchers and scientists in Canada are critical to ensure continued leadership and advancement in cancer research and for our health care system to be better able to meet population needs. Funding future cancer researchers and scientists is important to the Terry Fox Research Institute.

What is a Legacy Gift?
– The process of making a significant charitable gift during a donor’s life or at death that is part of his or her financial or estate plan
Do I need a minimum amount?
– In keeping with the guiding principles of The Terry Fox Foundation, there is no minimum amount required for a Planned Gift. If you wish to create an endowment fund, there is a minimum contribution of $50,000
What do I need?
–  Our legal name and charitable number
–  While it has become easier to change your own will, we suggest contacting an advisor to discuss your Planned Giving options. If you do not have an advisor, please call our National Office at 1-877-363-2467 and we can provide recommendations.
Am I required to tell the Terry Fox Foundation?
–  You don’t have to advise us that you’ve left a gift to the Terry Fox Foundation in your will but we would love to be able to thank you personally! Please contact Judith Fox at 604-239-8576 or judith.fox@terryfox.org.
What can I expect as part of Terry’s Legacy of Hope Circle?
–  Personal correspondence, phone call, or visit
–  Lapel Pin
–  Listing in Annual Report
–  Invitations to special events such as meetings of run organizers, major donor events with researchers
–  Subscription to newsletters

For more information or with help getting started please contact:
Judith Fox.

“I believe in miracles…I have to”

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