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Terry Fox
by Thomas L. Van Dusen, posted on 10:38 AM, February 19, 2014
I became involved with The Terry Fox Foundation a few years ago. I had the book, Marathon of Hope about Terry years ago when The Terry Fox Foundation was born. I was inspired by Terry's story, but I did not get involved, until I saw some story about Terry Fox and his battle with Cancer. Terry Fox was a fine young man. I supported The Terry Fox Foundation for a number of years. About one month ago, it was deceded that I should be in a Nuring Home. It was a difficult move at first, but now I am settled in. They are good to me at Hastings Manor. I started voluntering in 1993. In 1995 I started at Quinte Healthcare Corporation. I am still there 19 years later. The folks at Q.H.C./Belleville General Hospital are very good to me. I was there on Tuesday, I am looking forward in getting back there on Thursday. Terry Fox did a lot for us. We must continue to fight for a cure for Cancer. Thank-you.
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