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My 7 year old grandson
by Barbara Morris, Penticton BC, posted on 10:31 AM, July 25, 2014
My grandsons are visiting from Sherwood Park AB. I had the youngest one Liam at the park. He came running over to me and asked me "did you see me running like 'Terry the Fox'? He told me he has run many times in the 'Terry the Fox' run at school. I was so amused by his terminology and on further reflection was moved by the fact that Terry Fox is well known by this younger generation. I remember living in Port Coquitlam when Terry did his original run and also visiting his statue in Ontario where he had to end his run. I think of him as very much a part of our lives but never thought of him in the lives of my grandchildren. Thank you for keeping his memory alive in everything you do. I wanted his mother to hear this story about Liam because I thought she would appreciate it!
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