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Stregnth of hope 2015
by Michael van Beek, posted on 11:33 PM, March 14, 2015
Back in 1978 my grandfather past away of cancer. For the first time I was missing a loved one. He build my bicycles and even learn me how to cycle. In the summer of 1980 I was in Canada and saw Terry Fox run… unbelievable I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. It made a huge impression on me.

Now that I’ve been sick myself (sarcoidosis no cancer luckily ) I promised myself that I would follow my dream if I could. I’m getting better now so I’m coming over from the Netherlands at the 9th of April and start the 12th of April on my bicycle and follow Terry’s route to honor his legacy his parents. It the best I can do. Thank you Terry, Fox family and Terry's friends, the Marathon of Hope must indeed continue! Warm greetings Michael
    my dad died from liver cancer when i was 18.
    by jason codyre, posted on 6:14 PM, February 5, 2015
    On April 30th 1995,my adoptive father passed away from cancer. He was 47 years old. I was 18 yrs. Old.
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