31 07, 2017

Meet Jordan Lea – A Terry Fox 360 Participant

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Meet Jordan Lea - A Terry Fox 360 Participant On August 12th, Terry Fox’s brother Darrell and his Road of Hope cycling team will cycle 360km from Sun Peaks to Mt. Terry Fox raising funds for cancer research. With the event just around the corner, we thought we would share the story of one of it's participants, Jordan Lea. Jordan is one of the most inspirational athletes out there. In 1994, Jordan was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The cancer took four years to cure and completely changed his life. Following the cancer, he competed as an ultra athlete in more than ten marathons, five ultra-marathons, four Ironman triathlons, and an Ultraman triathlon. In 2004, a bone infection appeared in his left foot that he would fight—enduring intense rounds of IV antibiotics, hospitalizations and surgeries—for the next nine years. In January of 2012, his doctors attempted a trans-metatarsal (front of the foot) amputation to remove the infection. In spite of this, the infection recurred nine months later, leaving his body in septic shock. A trans-tibia amputation (just below the knee) was considered the best and possibly only option to eradicate the infection and return to an active life. Since his amputation, he has supported other amputees through public speaking engagements and one-on-one mentorships. In 2014, eighteen months post-amputation, he returned to competition after eight years of illness and recovery. You can meet Jordan, Darrell and all of the other incredible riders at this year's Terry Fox 360. This year the Road of Hope Team is looking to surpass it's 2016 total of $40K! To support Jordan, Darrel and the rest of the riders or to learn more about the event please click the button below. Learn More

4 07, 2017

New Canada 150 Stamp Honour’s Terry Fox

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New Canada 150 Stamp Honour's Terry Fox Terry Fox’s sister unveils stamp honouring Canadian icon and one of Canada’s unforgettable moments of last 50 years. Judith Fox was in Newfoundland on May 25 to launch a new stamp honouring her brother’s remarkable Marathon of Hope.  Terry’s run inspired Canadians, captivated a country, and launched a lasting legacy across Canada and around the world.  Judith unveiled Canada Post’s stamp at a ceremony at St. John’s City Hall, not far from Mile 0 – the spot where the Marathon of Hope began on April 12, 1980 when Terry Fox dipped his artificial right leg into the Atlantic Ocean. Children from Roncalli Elementary in St. John’s also participated in the ceremony and proudly displayed posters explaining how Fox has inspired them to believe they can achieve whatever goals they have in life. Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope is one of the most identifiable and cherished events in Canadian history. It remains an enduring symbol of courage, selflessness and hope.

29 06, 2017

Meet David

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Meet David - Star Wars Fan, Cancer Survivor When I was three, the doctor told my mom I had cancer. It was in my kidney and super duper big. It was scary and we had to go to the hospital all the time. My favourite nurses were Pam and Jean. They were always really nice and played games with me. There was a clown named Molly too. She played jokes and let me use her noise maker! I had to do a lot of chemo and then I had a big surgery. On my last day of chemo I got to ring the bell and have a chocolate cake! The bell tells everyone you’re all done. That made everyone really happy – especially my mom. Today I am 7 years old and in Grade 2. My favourite part about school is math and speaking French. While I can’t play some sports like hockey, that’s okay because I like running and horseback riding better anyway. I’m the only kid in my class to have had cancer. I love animals and share my home with two cats named Cypress and Seymour, one fish, one dog and a horse named Jake! My mom says thanks to all the money raised for cancer research I’m doing great. I told her that if I had a genie with one wish, I would wish for all cancer to be gone. Thank you so much for fundraising for cancer research and helping kids like me. I think Terry Fox would be very proud of everything you do to make the world a better place. Give to a Student/School

28 06, 2017

My Mt. Terry Fox Trek Experience

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My Mt. Terry Fox Trek Experience It started as an innocent looking email from the Terry Fox Organization. I had participated in the Terry Fox Run as a kid in school, but also more recently for the last 12 years since going through my own cancer journey. I'd never done a hike to the top of a mountain of this magnitude before. I was intrigued. I soon decided I could do this and started a training plan that expanded upon my usual 10k running, but also included going up and down thousands of stairs. None of this training prepared me for the emotional journey I was about to take up Terry Fox Mountain. I consider myself very lucky in many ways, first of all for surviving cancer, but in other ways as well. I grew up in a small town in southern Ontario and I got to see Terry as he passed through our town. I was only 7 years old, but remember my brothers and I jumping on our bikes to see this 'one legged man who had cancer' and was running across Canada! I met a 'new' member of Terry's team at the bottom of the mountain only 10 minutes into my trek who seemed to be struggling a bit with his new reality. I shared my own cancer story with him and tried to leave him with a sense of optimism and hope. Little did I know that this encounter would be my source of inspiration and strength for the day's (at times) gruelling hike. As a cancer survivor, sometimes I feel all I can do to help is reach out to others to try to ease their suffering. Once we got above the tree line out in the open, we were in fog, in a cloud. This [...]

23 04, 2017

Meet Kayte: An Amazing Young Cancer Fighter

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Meet Kayte: an amazing young cancer fighter My name is Kirsten Fox, and I am proud to say that Terry Fox is my uncle and inspiration. Last week you read about the Foundation’s effort to make a significant impact on hard-to-treat children’s cancers. Today I am honoured to introduce you to another inspirational person in my life, Kayte, the awesome young cancer fighter, curler and friend pictured above. Like Terry, we all believe in the potential of a world without cancer and we need stories that give us reason to continue to believe. This is where Kayte comes in. As a fellow curler, I had heard her name over the years but only recently met her and was inspired by her story. On March 5, 2007 Kayte was diagnosed with Dysgerminoma, or adolescent ovarian cancer. She was 16 and had just recently qualified for the BC Juvenile Girls Provincials. Not letting her diagnosis get in the way of her goals, Kayte convinced her doctors to push the beginning of her treatment by a week, allowing her to compete with her team. When she returned, she was quickly admitted to BC Children’s Hospital so her treatment could begin. She had four rounds of intensive treatment, each entailing a five day hospital visit, and a surgery to remove the tumour. Treatment was hard on Kayte but she had a great support system of family, friends and other patients she met in a local teen support group. Fortunately her treatment plan was successful. Kayte will be celebrating 10 years cancer free on July 16 with her friends, family and golden retriever Ryder - and she's still curling up a storm. Kayte Gyles (left), Kirsten Fox (right) Terry was inspired to run across Canada to [...]

15 08, 2013

Terry Fox Foundation announces new Board of Directors

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Terry Fox Foundation announces new Board of Directors The Terry Fox Foundation hosted its Annual General Meeting where newly elected board members gathered for the first time. At the meeting, the board of directors unanimously supported a resolution that expressed their genuine appreciation to Mr. Isadore Sharp for his dedicated service to the Marathon of Hope over the past 33 years. In recognition of his long term commitment to Terry's vision of eradicating cancer Mr. Sharp was elected to the new role of chairman emeritus to the Board. Mr. Sharp was the first Canadian corporate leader to support Terry's courageous journey and was founder of the annual run. The Marathon of Hope has raised more than half a billion dollars for cancer research. In the fall of 1980 after cancer forced Terry to return to Vancouver for treatment, Mr. Sharp proposed organizing an annual fundraising run named the "The Terry Fox Run". He wrote in a telegram to Terry: "The Marathon of Hope has just begun. You started it. We will not rest until your dream to find a cure is realized ... your courage and determination has been an inspiration to us." "Mr. Sharp's steadfast support for The Terry Fox Foundation, our volunteers, our donors and most of all, to each member of our family, from the very beginning has been a valuable and enormous contribution to the successful growth of the annual Terry Fox Run both across Canada and around the world", stated Judith Fox-Alder on behalf of the Fox family. Terry's father Rolly and Terry's three siblings, Fred, Darrell and Judi are responsible for electing board members. Further to this, the Fox family is delighted to announce the appointment of Bill Pristanski, Jim Gabel and Ara Sahakian to the TFF Board. The addition of Bill, [...]