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9 01, 2018

Community & Schools Coordinator – Manitoba

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Job Title: Community & Schools Coordinator Location: Winnipeg, MB Reports to: Provincial Director MB/SK There is no other Not-for-Profit organization in Canada that consistently rates as high as the Terry Fox Foundation in the hearts and minds of Canadians. With over 10 000 runs/events in 32 countries each year, the legacy and story of Terry Fox offers unprecedented opportunities to tell the story of this Canadian icon and promote the significant impact of The Terry Fox Foundation in cancer research Position Overview: This is a part time 4-day a week position. Community and Schools Coordinator is responsible for recruiting and stewarding schools to participate in The Terry Fox Foundation Manitoba School Program as well as various communities, and businesses throughout the province for the Terry Fox Run. This position is suitable for someone who is an engaging presenter and communicator; somebody who is highly motivated and results oriented; a person who can work independently while understanding the team’s vision; a natural relationship builder who strives to truly make an impact on others. Principal Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for the recruitment and registration of schools, keeps information updated. Recruitment and stewardship new volunteer organizers in communities, schools, businesses and other niche opportunities. Retain and strengthen relationships with key stakeholders including Run Organizers, Service Clubs, participants and volunteers. Develop opportunities to promote the Terry Fox Run. Under the guidance of the Provincial Director, represent The Terry Fox Foundation and speak to groups as required. Recruit, train and schedule speakers, including cancer survivors and cancer researchers to attend special events throughout the Province. Travel within region as needed. In coordination with the Provincial Director, steward donors and identify opportunities. Qualifications and Skills: Post-secondary degree or diploma. Background in Education considered an asset. Knowledge of Terry Fox and The Terry Fox Foundation’s [...]

22 12, 2017

Win Toronto Rock goalie Brandon Miller’s custom mask

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Win Toronto Rock goalie Brandon Miller's custom mask Brandon Miller is a long-time Terry Fox Run participant and childhood cancer survivor. He is also the goalie for the Toronto Rock lacrosse team. This year he has joined together with a well known graphic designer, David Arrigo, to design a special “Terry Fox” mask, to pay tribute to his greatest hero. On the back of the mask are the names of young cancer patients and survivors who inspire Brandon and the Foundation every day with their courage and perseverance. Brandon and the Rock are planning to auction it off at the end of the season to raise funds for cancer research. A $20 donation gives you one participation ballot in the draw to win this one-of-a-kind mask! The draw will take place at the Toronto Rock's final home game of the season on Friday April 13, 2018. Support Brandon's efforts

15 12, 2017

Thanks for all your inspiration Terry

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Thanks for all your inspiration Terry I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer last year at the age of 48. After the shock wore off I started my journey head on. I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. While recovering I did a lot of research about diet, Naturopathetic medicine etc. I was having a hard time trying to understand why I should undergo Chemo therapy and poison my body if the cancer was gone. This was a very hard decision for me to make. After a second opinion and being told if my cancer came back I'd be dead in a year I started 6 months (16 rounds) of Chemo. I have supported and done every Terry Fox Run ! Knowing that medicine has come a long way since Terry's fight I just kept up my positive attitude just like he did. I am happy to say that I am now done my treatment and cancer free. I of course have a lot of follow up appointments and tests for the next 5 years but I'm here ! So thanks for all your inspiration Terry. You have and will continue to help so many people! Sandy Carrie Support Sandra's efforts

15 12, 2017

I have lived to see and enjoy three wonderful grandchildren

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I have lived to see and enjoy three wonderful grandchildren This year is I am celebrating a major milestone in my life. When I was in my early 20s I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In the exploratory operation one ovary was removed and I was referred to a cancer specialist at Toronto General Hospital who was running an experimental clinic.I was so afraid that I would not live to see my own 2 yr. old grow up.The preparatory tests at Princess Margaret Hospital were an eye-opener for me. For the first time I saw that the face of cancer revealed in every age, gender, race, and social class. The fear and suffering were universal. To see the children was especially heart-breaking. . Since my second surgery in the Spring of 1977, I have survived 40 years cancer-free! I always felt that somehow I had to repay this unexpected gift, so I went back to school, became a teacher, and dedicated 25 years to teaching young people. And not only did I see my son grow up to become the fine man that he is today, but I have lived to see and enjoy three wonderful grandchildren who are already learning about Terry Fox. Teri Normoyle Help Teri raise money for cancer research

14 12, 2017

I Believe in Dreams Too

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I Believe in Dreams Too. We lived in Thunder Bay when Terry stopped his Marathon of Hope and became involved in the local run as soon as it began. Four years later, I faced a cancer diagnosis, and once treatment was over Terry Fox events took on a new importance. I organized our school runs in Thunder Bay and in Sarnia until I retired, then joined the local community committee and have been totally involved ever since. This completes 14! Terry Fox foundation does so much good work and as long as I am able, I plan to help. Jo Kulik

12 12, 2017

I am a proud member of Terry’s Team

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I am a proud member of Terry's Team. I was diagnosed with "APL" in 2009. I was told if I had this 20 years ago my outlook would be dim. The work done by all the doctors and researchers have helped me recover with flying colours. The money raised through organizations like the Terry Fox Foundation is what is helping people with cancer today. I have run the Terry Fox Run since 1996 but running it now has more meaning to me and my family. I am truly grateful to the organizers and volunteers who make this a very special run. I will be thanking them to no end when I am out there this year. Thank-you to all the people who work for the Terry Fox Foundation. You are second to none. I am a proud member of Terry's Team. David Hutton

12 12, 2017

“I was back running 5km … 3 times per week”

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"I was back running 5km ... 3 times per week" I was diagnosed at the end of April 2016. When talking with Dr Bedard (Head of Thoracic @ The Royal Alexander Hospital in Edmonton) he stated that if we went with the chemo, radiation, and the surgery that we could be looking at a cure, not just remission. We jumped at it and did our chemo and radiation in July @ the Cross Cancer Institute and then followed with the surgery in Sep.(removed 9 inches of the esophagus and the top portion of the stomach). I was back running 5km ... 3 times per week on Jan 1, 2017. I lost about 40 lbs initially (195 to 155) but have gained back about 15 lbs and feel great. My plan is to run on Sep 17, 2017 Terry Fox Run in Grande Prairie. David Trydal Sponsor me!

12 12, 2017

…here I am 1 year later in remission.

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...here I am 1 year later in remission. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma in May of 2016 after 9 months of tests. I did 12 rounds of bi- weekly chemo and here I am 1 year later in remission. I participate every year in the walk on behalf of my mother and this year I want to proudly wear a Red shirt. Deanna Synard Sponsor me!

23 11, 2017


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Canadian pediatric researchers, funders join forces, commit $16.4M to give young people across the country a fighting chance against cancer For the first time in Canadian history, more than 30 pediatric cancer research and funding organizations have joined forces through Terry Fox PROFYLE, a pan-Canadian project to give children, adolescents and young adults who are out of conventional treatment options another chance to beat their cancer. Short for PRecision Oncology For Young peopLE, the Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI) and these research and funding partners are working and fundraising together under a unique partnership that to date is providing a total of $16.4 million to molecularly profile the tumours of these patients, no matter where they live in Canada. For example, if Terry Fox had been diagnosed with cancer today, he would have been eligible for PROFYLE when the tumour returned and spread to his lungs. A $5-million investment by TFRI is the catalyst bringing together top scientists and clinicians, research centres, cancer charities and foundations at children’s hospitals across the country to create new hope for young people who need it the most. Eight-year-old Marlow Ploughman is one of these children. When her late-stage rhabdomyosarcoma (muscle cancer) relapsed for the fourth time, doctors told Marlow’s parents there were no more conventional treatments left to try. The news was devastating – but then the Kingston, Ont. family learned about Terry Fox PROFYLE. “[Terry Fox PROFYLE] is extremely important, because with children like Marlow we have very few options except the one conventional protocol that we’re given,” said Marlow’s mom, Tanya Boehm. “PROFYLE provides a key to unlock the door to perhaps more options -- or at least provides us more time to wait for some more options to come.” While there has been dramatic [...]

29 08, 2017

The Terry Fox Run – Hope Knows No Borders

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The Terry Fox Run - Hope Knows No Borders VANCOUVER, CANADA August 29, 2017 – Terry Fox viewed himself as an ordinary Canadian but his extraordinary story of incredible personal sacrifice has spread to every corner of the globe. Every year Canadian ex-pats work together with the local population in 30 countries to organize Terry Fox Runs, with the support of Canadian Forces, Embassies and High Commissions. These events not only raise funds for cancer research but they also provide something intangible: an inspirational example of a man whose effort and legacy transcends language, culture and politics. This year, 52 communities around the world are gearing up for their annual Terry Fox Runs. “Terry Fox’s story is fundamentally a human story,” said Rhonda Risebrough, International Director of The Terry Fox Foundation. “His example of overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles and physical challenges is one that resonates with people around the world. Cancer is a disease that knows no boundaries and does not discriminate- it affects all of us.” Terry Fox helped to create a broader awareness about cancer, a reality all humans have in common, no matter where we live. It is only fitting that Terry, and his mission to fund cancer research, lives on in so many countries outside his own through cancer research projects in Vietnam, UAE, India, Malaysia and Singapore. For event details or more information, visit terryfox.org/international-runs If you are interested in hosting or supporting an international Terry Fox Run or special event, contact: Rhonda Risebrough International Director 150-8960 University High Street, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 4Y6 Rhonda.Risebrough@terryfoxrun.org 604.245.5385 About The Terry Fox Foundation The Terry Fox Foundation is an international organization whose mission is to maintain the vision and principles of Terry Fox while raising money for cancer research through the [...]

31 07, 2017

Meet Jordan Lea – A Terry Fox 360 Participant

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Meet Jordan Lea - A Terry Fox 360 Participant On August 12th, Terry Fox’s brother Darrell and his Road of Hope cycling team will cycle 360km from Sun Peaks to Mt. Terry Fox raising funds for cancer research. With the event just around the corner, we thought we would share the story of one of it's participants, Jordan Lea. Jordan is one of the most inspirational athletes out there. In 1994, Jordan was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. The cancer took four years to cure and completely changed his life. Following the cancer, he competed as an ultra athlete in more than ten marathons, five ultra-marathons, four Ironman triathlons, and an Ultraman triathlon. In 2004, a bone infection appeared in his left foot that he would fight—enduring intense rounds of IV antibiotics, hospitalizations and surgeries—for the next nine years. In January of 2012, his doctors attempted a trans-metatarsal (front of the foot) amputation to remove the infection. In spite of this, the infection recurred nine months later, leaving his body in septic shock. A trans-tibia amputation (just below the knee) was considered the best and possibly only option to eradicate the infection and return to an active life. Since his amputation, he has supported other amputees through public speaking engagements and one-on-one mentorships. In 2014, eighteen months post-amputation, he returned to competition after eight years of illness and recovery. You can meet Jordan, Darrell and all of the other incredible riders at this year's Terry Fox 360. This year the Road of Hope Team is looking to surpass it's 2016 total of $40K! To support Jordan, Darrel and the rest of the riders or to learn more about the event please click the button below. Learn More

4 07, 2017

New Canada 150 Stamp Honour’s Terry Fox

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New Canada 150 Stamp Honour's Terry Fox Terry Fox’s sister unveils stamp honouring Canadian icon and one of Canada’s unforgettable moments of last 50 years. Judith Fox was in Newfoundland on May 25 to launch a new stamp honouring her brother’s remarkable Marathon of Hope.  Terry’s run inspired Canadians, captivated a country, and launched a lasting legacy across Canada and around the world.  Judith unveiled Canada Post’s stamp at a ceremony at St. John’s City Hall, not far from Mile 0 – the spot where the Marathon of Hope began on April 12, 1980 when Terry Fox dipped his artificial right leg into the Atlantic Ocean. Children from Roncalli Elementary in St. John’s also participated in the ceremony and proudly displayed posters explaining how Fox has inspired them to believe they can achieve whatever goals they have in life. Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope is one of the most identifiable and cherished events in Canadian history. It remains an enduring symbol of courage, selflessness and hope.

30 06, 2017

Summer 2017 Newsletter

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Summer 2017 Newsletter Happy Canada 150! In honour of Canada Day we want to celebrate our amazing Terry Fox supporters! We thank you for coming together in small villages and big cities, raising money without incentive or profile, helping to make cancer research in Canada the best in the world, all without fanfare or fuss, the Canadian way. Canada Post unveils new Terry Fox stamp for Canada 150 Judith Fox was in Newfoundland on May 25 to launch a new stamp honouring her brother’s remarkable Marathon of Hope.  Terry’s run inspired Canadians, captivated a country, and launched a lasting legacy across Canada and around the world. Read More Meet our Star Wars loving school ambassador, David David is a cancer survivor at seven years old. After being diagnosed with a Wilms tumour on his kidney at two, he went through ten rounds of chemotherapy and a surgery to remove the cancer. Today, he enjoys horseback riding, running and learning French in school. David you rock... Meet David Looking for an adventure this summer? Join us for the Terry Fox Trek on August 19 in Valemont, BC! This one day hike embodies the indomitable spirit of Terry Fox. We invite you to register for this adventurous hike in support of Terry’s legacy, raising funds for cancer research and in celebration of Canada’s 150th Birthday. Read More

29 06, 2017

Meet David

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Meet David - Star Wars Fan, Cancer Survivor When I was three, the doctor told my mom I had cancer. It was in my kidney and super duper big. It was scary and we had to go to the hospital all the time. My favourite nurses were Pam and Jean. They were always really nice and played games with me. There was a clown named Molly too. She played jokes and let me use her noise maker! I had to do a lot of chemo and then I had a big surgery. On my last day of chemo I got to ring the bell and have a chocolate cake! The bell tells everyone you’re all done. That made everyone really happy – especially my mom. Today I am 7 years old and in Grade 2. My favourite part about school is math and speaking French. While I can’t play some sports like hockey, that’s okay because I like running and horseback riding better anyway. I’m the only kid in my class to have had cancer. I love animals and share my home with two cats named Cypress and Seymour, one fish, one dog and a horse named Jake! My mom says thanks to all the money raised for cancer research I’m doing great. I told her that if I had a genie with one wish, I would wish for all cancer to be gone. Thank you so much for fundraising for cancer research and helping kids like me. I think Terry Fox would be very proud of everything you do to make the world a better place. Give to a Student/School

28 06, 2017

My Mt. Terry Fox Trek Experience

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My Mt. Terry Fox Trek Experience It started as an innocent looking email from the Terry Fox Organization. I had participated in the Terry Fox Run as a kid in school, but also more recently for the last 12 years since going through my own cancer journey. I'd never done a hike to the top of a mountain of this magnitude before. I was intrigued. I soon decided I could do this and started a training plan that expanded upon my usual 10k running, but also included going up and down thousands of stairs. None of this training prepared me for the emotional journey I was about to take up Terry Fox Mountain. I consider myself very lucky in many ways, first of all for surviving cancer, but in other ways as well. I grew up in a small town in southern Ontario and I got to see Terry as he passed through our town. I was only 7 years old, but remember my brothers and I jumping on our bikes to see this 'one legged man who had cancer' and was running across Canada! I met a 'new' member of Terry's team at the bottom of the mountain only 10 minutes into my trek who seemed to be struggling a bit with his new reality. I shared my own cancer story with him and tried to leave him with a sense of optimism and hope. Little did I know that this encounter would be my source of inspiration and strength for the day's (at times) gruelling hike. As a cancer survivor, sometimes I feel all I can do to help is reach out to others to try to ease their suffering. Once we got above the tree line out in the open, we were in fog, in a cloud. This [...]

23 04, 2017

Meet Kayte: An Amazing Young Cancer Fighter

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Meet Kayte: an amazing young cancer fighter My name is Kirsten Fox, and I am proud to say that Terry Fox is my uncle and inspiration. Last week you read about the Foundation’s effort to make a significant impact on hard-to-treat children’s cancers. Today I am honoured to introduce you to another inspirational person in my life, Kayte, the awesome young cancer fighter, curler and friend pictured above. Like Terry, we all believe in the potential of a world without cancer and we need stories that give us reason to continue to believe. This is where Kayte comes in. As a fellow curler, I had heard her name over the years but only recently met her and was inspired by her story. On March 5, 2007 Kayte was diagnosed with Dysgerminoma, or adolescent ovarian cancer. She was 16 and had just recently qualified for the BC Juvenile Girls Provincials. Not letting her diagnosis get in the way of her goals, Kayte convinced her doctors to push the beginning of her treatment by a week, allowing her to compete with her team. When she returned, she was quickly admitted to BC Children’s Hospital so her treatment could begin. She had four rounds of intensive treatment, each entailing a five day hospital visit, and a surgery to remove the tumour. Treatment was hard on Kayte but she had a great support system of family, friends and other patients she met in a local teen support group. Fortunately her treatment plan was successful. Kayte will be celebrating 10 years cancer free on July 16 with her friends, family and golden retriever Ryder - and she's still curling up a storm. Kayte Gyles (left), Kirsten Fox (right) Terry was inspired to run across Canada to [...]

27 02, 2017

Spring 2017 Newsletter

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Spring 2017 Newsletter Improving the Lives of Patients with Multiple Myeloma A $5-million investment in New Brunswick is bringing attention to a lesser known cancer found in the bone and bone marrow. A team made up of researchers and clinicians found across Canada, led by UNB’s Dr. Tony Reiman, are investigating how the disease can be identified, monitored and treated in hopes of changing how patients are cared for. Watch here Terry Fox – Running to the Heart of Canada Museum Exhibit Moving West After a very successful presentation at the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec, this touching exhibit is on the move with stops at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener, the Manitoba Museum in Winnipeg and the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. Read More How Many Times Can We Run Across Canada Join the Running Room as they kick off the celebration and fundraising for the 2017 Terry Fox Run. In 2016, participants of the Marathon of Hope Celebration crossed Canada over thirteen times (close to 100,000 kms)! Read More Dr. Pam Ohashi Wants to Teach Your Immune System to Fight Cancer The Terry Fox Research Institute awarded a grant to Dr. Ohashi this past fall to research how to stimulate the immune system to directly kill cancer cells. With a focus on serous ovarian cancer, the project aims to expand treatment options for ovarian cancer patients. Read More

9 02, 2016

Terry Fox – Running to the Heart of Canada Museum Exhibit Moving West

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Terry Fox - Running to the Heart of Canada Museum Exhibit Moving West The inspirational Terry Fox - Running to the Heart of Canada exhibit has made it's way across Canada with stops at THEMUSEUM in Kitchener, the Manitoba Museum in Winnipeg and will be making it's next stop at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, April 12, 2017. Sharing the life and incredible accomplishment of one of the most inspiring Canadians, the exhibition features a wide array of artifacts and archival materials, displayed together publicly for the first time. After a very successful presentation at the Canadian Museum of History where it welcomed more than 215,000 visitors before closing in January 2016, the exhibition then started moving west. Venues included THEMUSEUM in Kitchener (April 8 to June 16, 2016), the Manitoba Museum in Winnipeg (July 14 to October 10, 2016) and the Royal BC Museum in Victoria (April to October 2017). “This exhibition would not have been possible without the great generosity of the Fox family, and their willingness to share Terry with the world,” said Jean-Marc Blais, Director General of the Canadian Museum of History. “More than 37 years after his astonishing achievement, Terry Fox remains a hero for Canadians. This tour will give more people a chance to marvel at his determination and courage.” “During the Marathon of Hope and the months that followed, Canadians filled our home in Port Coquitlam, B.C., with scrapbooks, letters and gifts,” said Darrell Fox, Terry’s brother. “We’re honoured to share some of our collection and to help tell this important story." The tour will enable many more people to understand why some consider Terry Fox to be the greatest Canadian of all time. Terry Fox – Running to the Heart of Canada was produced by the Canadian Museum of History, in [...]

13 01, 2016

Rolly Fox, Fox Family Statement

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Terry Fox Family Statement It is with heavy hearts that we wish to share with Terry Foxers from coast to coast and around the world that our Dad and Grandfather, Rolland (Rolly) Fox, has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer. He remains in very good spirits, confirmed by the dated and overused humour we are forced to endure. Though initially troubled by the news, Rolly is committed to approaching the challenge now before him by adhering to the traits - optimism and a never give up attitude – that he likely passed on to his son Terry. Rolly, who will be 81 in March, started smoking at age 19, consistent with the times. He quit smoking on a dare from a brother on May 24, 1986 and exactly a year later ran a 10 miler. It will be 30 years this May that Dad took his last puff. Rolly has been a behind-the-scenes believer of Terry’s mission for 36 years. More recently, with the passing of Betty, his wife of 54 years and Terry’s Mom, he has been more active visiting Terry Fox Runs across Canada and personally signing over 14,000 thank-you letters every year. Lung cancer claims the lives of more Canadians than any other form of cancer, though because of the smoking stigma it is often neglected as a funding priority for research. The Terry Fox Research Institute, with funding from the Terry Fox Foundation, recently completed a pan-Canadian study to detect lung cancer early. We thank you for your continued support for our family during this period and for keeping alive Terry’s dream of ending cancer through research. Our family will endeavour to keep supporters updated but will not be making any further public comments at this time. The Terry Fox Family [...]

22 09, 2015

Statement of Mr. Britt Andersen of The Terry Fox Foundation

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Statement of Mr. Britt Andersen of The Terry Fox Foundation Regarding Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Commitment of Matching Donations for Cancer Research. Mr. Britt Andersen, Executive Director of The Terry Fox Foundation, made the following statement in response to Sunday’s announcement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. “As an international non-profit organization, The Terry Fox Foundation is non-partisan. The Foundation welcomes new investment commitments in cancer research from any and all political parties. Like all non-profit organizations we need the support of our donors and the government to be able to continue to invest and make advancements in vital cancer research. On August 31, The Terry Fox Foundation and the Terry Fox Research Institute sent a letter and backgrounder to the leaders of all five political parties in Canada. The joint letter sought their support for a Canadian Comprehensive Cancer Centre network that will one day deliver precision cancer-medicine programs to patients. It will position Canada as a leading nation in cancer research and will have a profound impact on Terry’s goal to defeat cancer. Terry chose to run across Canada to bring attention to the need for more research. In doing so, he unified the country. The Terry Fox Foundation requests that all parties take the moral high ground and recognize that a cure for cancer should transcend political goals. In that spirit, we urge all parties and everyone to work together to support this important vision to create a network of comprehensive cancer centres that will transform cancer care and greatly increase our ability help cancer patients. Let us all now focus on how best to use this opportunity regardless of partisanship. Terry didn’t define cancer by a partisan colour, he defined it by raising funds to find a cure. Let us all follow his lead.” Note [...]

12 06, 2015

Terry Fox Run to Return to Confederation Bridge in 2015

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Terry Fox Run to Return to Confederation Bridge in 2015 35th Anniversary Run to take place 100 days from now. Charlottetown, June 12th, 2015- The Confederation Bridge, in partnership with The Terry Fox Foundation, announced today that the Terry Fox Run will mark its 35th anniversary 100 days from now with a run across the Confederation Bridge on Sunday, September 20, 2015. Founded in 1981 in commemoration of Terry’s ‘Marathon of Hope’ and his fight against cancer, the Terry Fox Run has evolved into the largest fundraising event in support of cancer research in the world, with events taking place in 32 countries across 4 continents annually. To date, close to $700 million dollars has been raised in Terry’s name for cancer research. “It is fitting that Canada’s largest Terry Fox Run will be held on the Confederation Bridge. The Bridge and the ‘Marathon of Hope’ are symbols of what makes Canada great: enormous dreams, herculean efforts, momentous feats, and the end result, a nation connected and unified,” said Britt Andersen, Executive Director of The Terry Fox Foundation. “Thirty Five years ago, I’m certain Terry never could have conceived of such an engineering marvel. If it had existed, without a doubt, he would have run its length in the name of cancer research.” Both the 25th and 30th anniversaries of the Terry Fox Run were marked with Confederation Bridge hosted events, offering participants the unique opportunity to cross the bridge on foot. The two runs continue to be recognized as the largest Canadian Terry Fox Runs in the history of the event for both participants and funds raised, collectively welcoming 24,000 participants and raising in excess of $700,000 for cancer research. Organizers hope to surpass past event numbers in 2015. “It is truly an honor to be a [...]

4 07, 2013

Minister Moore Announces Major Partnership to Honour One of Canada’s Greatest Heroes: Terry Fox

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Partnership to Honour One of Canada’s Greatest Heroes: Terry Fox The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, today announced a partnership agreement between the friends of the Terry Fox Collection and the future Canadian Museum of History to honour the legacy of Terry Fox, one of Canada’s greatest heroes. Together they will develop an exhibition featuring the story and legacy of Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope. The exhibition will open at the future Canadian Museum of History in 2015, in conjunction with the 35th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope. “Terry Fox is one of Canada’s greatest heroes and his story deserves to be known by all Canadians as an important part of our nation’s history,” said Minister Moore. “The Marathon of Hope inspired future generations worldwide, and Terry’s legacy continues to raise millions of dollars for cancer research year after year. During the first ever Canada History Week, I am honoured to announce a partnership that will give Canadians the opportunity to learn about Terry’s life and his outstanding achievements.” The exhibition will feature some of the key artifacts from Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope, which he undertook in 1980 to raise funds for cancer research after losing his leg to cancer at age 18. The Marathon began in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, on April 12, 1980, and ended 143 days later in Thunder Bay, Ontario, when his cancer returned. He had completed 5 373 kilometres of his journey. Terry passed away at the age of 22 on June 28, 1981. To date, more than $600 million has been raised worldwide for cancer research in Terry’s name through the annual Terry Fox Run, held across Canada and around the world. “We are thankful to the Minister and the Government of [...]

11 09, 2012

The Terry Fox Foundation announces Governor General of Canada as Patron

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The Terry Fox Foundation announces Governor General of Canada as Patron Vancouver, BC -- The Terry Fox Foundation is pleased to announce that His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, is patron of the Foundation. “The Office of the Secretary to the Governor General welcomed and recognized Terry 32 years ago during a visit to Rideau Hall. Less than 3 months after his visit, Terry was invested as Companion of the Order of Canada and, in 1982, the fountain in front of the Rideau Hall façade was dedicated the Fountain of Hope. We are therefore extremely honoured that His Excellency has accepted this role and we know that both Betty and Terry would join us in welcoming him to the Foundation and its broader family of supporters and organizers,” said Mr. Rolland Fox, father of Terry Fox. The Governor General is a strong supporter of Terry Fox, citing the young Canadian hero’s contribution to the country and his generosity as an inspiration for all Canadians. During his installation speech in 2010, His Excellency spoke of how Terry’s spirit and achievement brings Canadians together and how his cause endures three decades after the Marathon of Hope (1980). “As a Canadian cancer research institute focused on both discovery and translational research, as well as training future leaders (scientists and clinicians) in cancer research, this support from The Queen’s representative in Canada, is a wonderful endorsement for the Foundation and the collaborative work our researchers are undertaking at the best cancer research hospitals and universities in Canada to improve outcomes for patients,” said Dr. Victor Ling, president and scientific director of The Terry Fox Research Institute. His Excellency will participate in the Terry Fox Run in Ottawa on Sunday, September 16, 2012. This annual run held along [...]